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Download: Bishop v. Knight: The Verdict

English | 5 Sept. 1997 | ISBN: 071348215X | 224 Pages | PDF | 20 MB Controversy has long reigned over the relative strengths of the bishop and knight. Mayer uses practical examples to illustrate positions which favour one minor piece over the other and provides a serious...

Download: Pirc Alert!: A Complete Defense Against 1.e4

English | 28 Mar. 2001 | ISBN: 1889323071 | 449 Pages | PDF | 17 MB Packed with surprise-weapons, Pirc Alert! gives you everything you need to know to defend against White’s most popular way of starting the game. Alburt and Chernin explain both the winning ideas as...

Download: Chess Recipes from the Grandmaster’s Kitchen

English | 23 Jan. 2002 | ISBN: 1901983552 | 132 Pages | PDF | 8 MB An experienced trainer and grandmaster explains key principles of chess strategy and thinking methods in chess. His ‘recipes’ include: tactical ideas in the middlegame; liquidation to the endgame; the technique of analysing...

Download: Theory and Practice of Chess Endings, Volume 2

2009 | ISBN: 1886846715 | 176 Pages | PDF | 5 MB The author of the book is the Grandmaster and honored Russian coach who headed the All-Russian chess school. At his lessons Alexander Panchenko, following the advice of world champions J.R.Capablanka and V.V.Smislov, placed the highest emphasis...

Download: The Killer Grob

English | 31 Dec. 1989 | ISBN: 0080371310 | 175 Pages | PDF | 7 MB The Grob is not without logic. If you’re looking for something different, this is definately it, as 1.g4 or as Black 1.e4 g5 (1.d4 h6, 2.e4 g5) can be a great ‘shock...

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